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Vegeta Office, California

Who We Are?

We are Vegeta Digital Marketing Agency. We aim to help people strengthen relationships and amplify the power of their network.

For the past 2 years we have been working on a product that will present all the information about your business in one place without the unnecessary expense and upkeep of a website which make life easier for you and for your customers.

Digital Presence

The most usable product for 2020

Increases the closing percentage of transactions

Integrates all of the ways to connect with your business

Organically promotes the digital assets of your business

Features your business as much more professional and reliable to new customers

Immediately increases the percentage of customer engagement through social networks


Our Clients


What Our Customers Says to Us?

Brian Claude

"Dear Johnny, Thank you so much for everything. It turned out lovely and far beyond what I expected. Amazing service and even more the work. Thank you, thank you and thank you again. It was fun working with professional guys like you."

Candace Zoe

"Highly recommend for Vegeta. After much deliberation I got a stunning digital business card as I wanted. A service with a lot of patience, availability, and a willingness to respond. Thank you very much."

Dayana May

" I got the recommendation from a friend after seeing his digital card and immediately contacted the company. The next day they called me from the company and created an accurate characterization for my needs. The digital business card was ready fast. Looks insanely professional and the services are outstanding. Thank you."

Freya Popukar

"Thanks for the perfect digital business card. Professional guys who know the job and provide a comprehensive solution for promoting and marketing the business, down to the smallest details. Highly recommend for any business owner."

Freya Popukar

"I came to you after recommendations, and the truth is that I was very pleasantly surprised by the digital business card. Professional, fast, and matter of fact work. Special thanks to Dan and Johnny. Amazing service."

George John

"After checking with several companies that provide digital business card service, I realized very quickly that I chose the right place! The attitude, the service, the quick answer to every question, it's all worth it!!."

New Features

The Most Usable Product For 2020

Used as a business card / website / minisite / landing page

Promotes websites and digital assets that are organically linked to the business card

Increases access to social networks and increases the number of followers

Increases the number of reviews of the business and leads to a high ranking in search engines

A digital business card distributes itself and increases the amount of customers and annual transactions